Class SubTableLookup5Format2.SubstRuleFormat2

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public static class SubTableLookup5Format2.SubstRuleFormat2 extends ContextualSubstRule
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    • getContextLength

      public int getContextLength()
      Description copied from class: ContextualRule
      Gets the length of the context glyph sequence defined by this rule
      Specified by:
      getContextLength in class ContextualRule
      length of the context
    • getSubstLookupRecords

      public SubstLookupRecord[] getSubstLookupRecords()
      Description copied from class: ContextualSubstRule
      Retrieves the substitution lookup records. Each record specifies a position in the context glyph sequence and a LookupListIndex to the substitution lookup that is applied at that position.
      Specified by:
      getSubstLookupRecords in class ContextualSubstRule
      an array of SubstLookupRecord.
    • isGlyphMatchesInput

      public boolean isGlyphMatchesInput (int glyphId, int atIdx)
      Description copied from class: ContextualRule
      Checks if glyph line element matches element from input sequence of the rule.

      NOTE: rules do not contain the first element of the input sequence, the first element is defined by rule position in substitution table. Therefore atIdx shall not be 0.
      Specified by:
      isGlyphMatchesInput in class ContextualRule
      glyphId - glyph code id
      atIdx - index in the rule sequence. Shall be: 0 < atIdx < ContextualRule.getContextLength()
      true if glyph matches element