Class ContextualPositionRule

Direct Known Subclasses:
PosTableLookup7Format2.PosRuleFormat2, PosTableLookup8Format1.PosRuleFormat1, PosTableLookup8Format2.PosRuleFormat2, PosTableLookup8Format3.PosRuleFormat3

public abstract class ContextualPositionRule extends ContextualRule
  • Constructor Details

    • ContextualPositionRule

      public ContextualPositionRule()
  • Method Details

    • getPosLookupRecords

      public abstract PosLookupRecord[] getPosLookupRecords()
      Retrieves the position lookup records. Each record specifies a position in the context glyph sequence and a LookupListIndex to the position lookup that is applied at that position.
      an array of PosLookupRecord.