Class CFFFont.IndexOffsetItem

Enclosing class:

protected static final class CFFFont.IndexOffsetItem extends CFFFont.OffsetItem
An index-offset item for the list. The size denotes the required size in the CFF. A positive value means that we need a specific size in bytes (for offset arrays) and a negative value means that this is a dict item that uses a variable-size representation.
  • Field Details

    • size

      public final int size
  • Constructor Details

    • IndexOffsetItem

      public IndexOffsetItem (int size, int value)
    • IndexOffsetItem

      public IndexOffsetItem (int size)
  • Method Details

    • increment

      public void increment (int[] currentOffset)
      Description copied from class: CFFFont.Item
      Remember the current offset and increment by item's size in bytes.
      increment in class CFFFont.Item
      currentOffset - increment offset by item's size
    • emit

      public void emit (byte[] buffer)
      Description copied from class: CFFFont.Item
      Emit the byte stream for this item.
      emit in class CFFFont.Item
      buffer - byte array