Class TIFFFaxDecoder


public class TIFFFaxDecoder extends Object
Class that can decode TIFF files.
  • Field Details

    • flipTable

      public static byte[] flipTable
    • additionalMakeup

      public static short[] additionalMakeup
  • Constructor Details

    • TIFFFaxDecoder

      public TIFFFaxDecoder (int fillOrder, int w, int h)
      fillOrder - The fill order of the compressed data bytes.
      w - width
      h - height
  • Method Details

    • reverseBits

      public static void reverseBits (byte[] b)
      Reverses the bits in the array
      b - the bits to reverse
    • decode1D

      public void decode1D (byte[] buffer, byte[] compData, int startX, int height)
    • decodeNextScanline

      public void decodeNextScanline (byte[] buffer, int lineOffset, int bitOffset)
    • decode2D

      public void decode2D (byte[] buffer, byte[] compData, int startX, int height, long tiffT4Options)
    • decodeT6

      public void decodeT6 (byte[] buffer, byte[] compData, int startX, int height, long tiffT6Options)
    • setRecoverFromImageError

      public void setRecoverFromImageError (boolean recoverFromImageError)