Class ProducerBuilder

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public final class ProducerBuilder extends AbstractITextConfigurationEvent
Class is used for producer line building.
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    • modifyProducer

      public static String modifyProducer (ListAbstractProductProcessITextEvent> events, String oldProducer)
      Modifies an old producer line according to events registered for the document. Events can be either wrapped with ConfirmedEventWrapper or not. Format of the new producer line will be defined by the first event in the list. Placeholder will be replaced and merged all together
      events - list of events registered for the document
      oldProducer - old producer line. If null or empty, will be replaced with a new one. Otherwise new line will be attached with modified using prefix. If old producer line already contains modified using substring, it will be overriden with a new one
      modified producer line
    • doAction

      protected void doAction()
      Configuration events for util internal purposes are not expected to be sent.
      Specified by:
      doAction in class AbstractITextConfigurationEvent
      IllegalStateException - on every method call