Class AbstractStatisticsEvent

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NumberOfPagesStatisticsEvent, SizeOfPdfStatisticsEvent

public abstract class AbstractStatisticsEvent extends AbstractProductITextEvent
Abstract class which defines statistics event. Only for internal usage.
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractStatisticsEvent

      protected AbstractStatisticsEvent (ProductData productData)
      Creates instance of abstract statistics iText event based on passed product data. Only for internal usage.
      productData - is a description of the product which has generated an event
  • Method Details

    • createStatisticsAggregatorFromName

      public AbstractStatisticsAggregator createStatisticsAggregatorFromName (String statisticsName)
      Creates statistics aggregator based on provided statistics name. By default prints log warning and returns null.
      statisticsName - name of statistics based on which aggregator will be created. Shall be one of those returned from getStatisticsNames()
      new instance of AbstractStatisticsAggregator
    • getStatisticsNames

      public abstract List<String> getStatisticsNames()
      Gets all statistics names related to this event.
      List of statistics names